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Jackleg Gallery

Our jackleg units provide versatility and convenience for the customer looking for serviced accommodation, in a hurry. Jackleg units can be used for classrooms, offices, sales rooms, meeting rooms, canteens, drying rooms, the list is endless. These units can be tailor made to suit your needs and can be linked or stacked as you need for additional accommodation / floor space increases.

We stock jackleg units from 4ft x 4ft up to 40ft x 12ft, these units can be open plan, split into individual rooms, containing toilets, sinks, kitchen worktops, storage, desks, whatever the customer requires. We can also build you a tailor made unit in almost any size big or small.

Our units are built primarily with strength and durability in mind. Our hands on approach means we are always looking at ways to improve our product, we do this by conducting a full review of manufacturing every few months. We have always been known to go beyond the standard requirements, and we were the first Irish company to offer double glazing as standard in all our units, this extra attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

We don't skimp on cost when it puts quality at jeopardy.

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